be kind to yourself

Sometimes you can be your fiercest critic — and I mean fierce.

When you made a mistake at work or home, maybe you told yourself, “I’m a failure.”

When you didn’t get the job, or your partner broke up with you, maybe you told yourself, “I’m not good enough.”

Ask yourself: would you say these things to a friend, a coworker you care about, or a loved one?

If you answered “no,” then consider for a moment why would you say these things to yourself?

Instead of granting space to your inner critic, choose kindness and understanding instead for the very simple reason (and truth) that you deserve compassion just as much as everyone else.

You’re learning, you’re fallible, you care, you feel, you’re human.



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William Liao

William Liao

Taiwanese American, daily blogger of ideas about impactful work in service of others, photographer (