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You begin any time you endeavor to shrink the distance between where you are and where you’re aiming to be.

More specifically, here are three things that happen after you choose to begin:

First there is an initial struggle because what you are pursuing is unfamiliar and demands your undivided attention.

Then there is resonance — the feeling of relief and accomplishment you get after awhile where things start to make sense.

And finally the option to begin again presents itself: the option to shift your attention to ways you can grow further, and to repeat the process of struggle, resonance and growth once more.

Mastery is as elusive as you make it: if you feel good about the state of the work you ship, then maybe you decide that you don’t need to begin ever again because the work is good enough.

On the other hand, you may find yourself being the kind of person who chooses to begin again and again — if only to see how you, the work, and the people you aim to serve might be transformed by it.



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William Liao

William Liao


Taiwanese American, daily blogger of ideas about impactful work in service of others, photographer (ephemera.photography)