Beyond figuring it out

William Liao
2 min readMar 23, 2023

“I’m figuring it out” can be a permanent parking spot for our aspirations.

We can draw a dangerous sense of comfort when we’re convinced that we’re actively trying to figure something out and that action will eventually take place “someday”.

Meanwhile, oddly and naively, we give ourselves permission to go on with the rest of our lives.

If an aspiration is worth anything to you, you have to move beyond “figuring it out”.

If you want to build a website, you have to be able to move from “figuring out” how to build one, to actually registering a domain, to actually publishing it.

And these subsequent actions should happen in a specific time frame.

Most things that we decide will happen “someday” will never happen, which should come as no surprise because as long as a deadline remains elusive and flexible our back is really never against the wall to get it done.

So, for your sake, be very specific about when.

When will you move from figuring something out to taking an action that moves you forward?

Today is best, tomorrow is good…next week is alright.

How much time you get isn’t up to you; you get what you get.

However, the decisions and actions you choose to fill that time up with are in your control.

When you really understand this, a powerful sense of urgency to do meaningful things sooner rather than later becomes visceral and unshakeable.



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