Marc Rebillet

William Liao
1 min readMay 22, 2024

Marc Rebillet is an electronic musician.

The totality of his performances, between his improvised beats and his dance moves, give a kind of energy that makes you think, “wow, he’s his whole self here.” There’s nothing but apparent unbound, unconcerned, creative expression on display — it’s really a sight to be seen and to admire. (Here’s a clip of him performing on the streets of New York City)

It’s as if it wouldn’t matter if there were an audience in front of him or not: he’d still be there, composing epic beats and hooks, because that’s what gives him energy.

I believe we all have outlets that allow us to feel fully immersed with what we’re doing: for some it’s sports, for others it’s dance. For Marc, it’s making music.

If you can’t quite relate, maybe you haven’t found your outlet yet.

In which case, I’d strongly encourage you spend time to seek it.

Having such an outlet makes life a lot more fun.



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