Of course it’s tough

William Liao
1 min readSep 20


I was talking on the phone with my parent earlier today about some challenges I’m experiencing.

They responded: “Of course it’s tough!”

For whatever reason, the comment gave me pause. It prompted me to ask myself: “On what grounds was I expecting things to be easy?”

I didn’t have a good answer.

No one who achieves meaningful growth in life looks back on their experience and says “Wow, that was easier than I thought!”

Moments of growth are tough by design. They force you to climb to higher levels of knowledge, competence, and resilience.

You don’t build muscle mass at the gym by lifting weights that are easy, you build it by lifting weights that are a struggle to lift.

Tom Bilyeu recently posted a quote, “In suffering you will meet yourself. Don’t avoid it. Learn from it.”

Struggle is a teacher we almost never seek, but it is an excellent teacher nonetheless.



William Liao

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