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Quality time

In a factory production line, time has a fixed value where a certain amount of time reliably guarantees a certain number of widgets produced.

In work where knowledge is the primary capital (think engineers, designers, and writers), the relationship between time and output isn’t so straight forward.

For example, it’s possible to spend all day attempting and & failing to write code because you were distracted by your phone that you decided to leave by your side.

Alternatively, another realistic scenario is where you spend 1 hour attempting & succeeding at writing code because you were focused — perhaps because you were able to go to bed early the night before, or because you made a point to put your phone on silent.

If you’re trying to increase the output of knowledge or creative work, it’s important to ditch the Production Line mindset.

Spending the most minutes doing something doesn’t necessarily make you more productive.

Learning to make the most out of each minute almost certainly will.



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