Set up little goalposts

William Liao
Dec 8, 2023

Small goals are little motivation boosters that can sustain you over a long journey.

If you have to build 1000 widgets, the first widget you build might not feel super motivating, especially when considering that it represents less than 1% of the journey.

But what if you broke up the project into mini journeys of, say, 10 widgets?

Every widget you build becomes 10% of a mini journey which feels more substantial and satisfying.

And after 100 mini journeys, you will have hit your larger target of building 1,000 things. Again, somehow the entire enterprise feels more manageable when framed in these terms.

Define the small steps forward throughout your journey and celebrate them.

It’s one of the most effective motivation hacks if there ever was one and you can do it right now.



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