William Liao
2 min readDec 2, 2023

I showed up 20 minutes early to the new Godzilla movie today (Godzilla Minus One) — yes, I am that person.

While waiting for the film to start, I couldn’t help but overhear the people next to me speculating ad nauseam about whether or not they were going to like the film.

They ended up convincing themselves so thoroughly that they would hate it that they left within the first 60 seconds of the film rolling.

To sit for at least 1% of the film, it seems, wasn’t possible.

Strategic planning and investments are rewarded when we accurately speculate how things will play out in the future — that seems reasonable enough. The people who invested in Apple Stock over 10 years ago can certainly vouch for that.

But if you’re not severely penalized for simply waiting for the facts to come out, it seems silly to be spending any energy wondering at all.

Sometimes it’s perfectly OK to learn things in real-time, instead of worrying about what we might learn.

Accepting the former can give you a real sense of peace and allow you to be present, whereas the latter can really work you up and cause you to make premature choices.

I thought the film was amazing.

As for whether the people next to me would’ve actually enjoyed it too — who knows.



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