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tell everyone

Creative work is an abbreviation for trying things that haven’t been done before that may or may not produce the change you’re looking to make. Uncertainty is what unlocks stumbles (the learnings you need) and new possibilities. This uneven and challenging journey of creating is worth it if the prospect of lifting others up through the work is there.

The way you find out is simple: tell everyone about the difference you’re trying to make.

By sharing the work, you give others the opportunity to respond and say “I need this too”. The utterance “I need this” (as opposed to silence) confirms that the mission-in-progress matters, that you’re where you need to be, and that people are counting on people like you who are willing to brave the edges of possibility to make the change they’ve been waiting for.



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William Liao

Taiwanese American, daily blogger of ideas about impactful work in service of others, photographer (ephemera.photography)