There will always be work to do

The prospect of getting everything done can present an enticing albeit unrealistic narrative.

You might think to yourself:

If only you could have zero new messages in your inbox…

If only you could conclude the day with a checkmark next to every single line item in your to-do list…

Then you could finally feel like you’re on top of things.

Then you could finally feel some relief.

There’s one (major) problem with aspiring to get everything done, though:

Responding to messages invariably invites new messages.

Completing to-dos invariably invites the question: “what can I do next?”, which translates into — you guessed it — more things to do.

The promise of getting things done isn’t to arrive at a point where there is no work left to do — there’s always going to be valuable work to do.

The promise of getting things done is contributing to an infinite continuum of progress and potential.

In the face of all that’s been done and all that still needs doing, you need not feel perpetually behind nor do you have to hold your happiness hostage.

At the end of each day, take heart in knowing that you’ve done what your energy and appetite for the day would allow, and that is enough.

That is enough.

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