You’re here

William Liao
Sep 22, 2023

Being here — alive, right now — is a somewhat underappreciated observation.

Existing now affords you all kinds of opportunities: you can pick up the phone and connect with someone who also exists now. You can step outside and smell all the literal and figurative roses in your surroundings.

Yesterday would’ve been the birthday of a dear friend from college who is no longer here. She was a bright light — hilarious, brilliant, caring — gone far too soon.

The lights are on here until they’re not.

We’re told to “make the most of it”, I agree. I know my friend did.

But before that, it’s worth celebrating that you’re here at all and able to make anything of it.

Do great work, hug, connect, say “I love you”. All of it is rented out privilege.



William Liao

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